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Olivia. 19. The two best things in this world to me are Rumbelle and Harley Quinn. Expect plenty of both, including liveblogging. Rumbelle is my life, Harley is my passion :3

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This older lady I work with is...a Rumbeller.

Me: *grunt of anger* Damn it, I hate mid season breaks! I really want to watch this one show I love called Once Upon ATime!
Lady: I LOVE that show!
Me: Wait, what? Really?
Lady: Heck yeah! I love Charming! He's a cutie!
Me: Oh, you probably wouldn't like who I do then...
Lady: Oh and the other guy...he's older, but *come hither growl*
Lady: YES!
Me: ....
Me: He and Belle are adorable, yes?
Lady: Well, duh!
Me: Okay. I love you.